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s reason has been slightly Nie Feng control.The body begins to feel the power of the outbreak under control, Nie Feng suddenly overjoyed, quickly convergence of mind, Nie Feng began to absorb from this violent and powerful forces, but this time Nie Feng began to MBT Schuhe Kaufen really feel onwards, this scurrying in your body a source of strength in the end what is.Animal blood, that is with a difference, Nie Feng clearly feel fall in the hands of the moment unicorn blood, brutal spirit that has been hidden, so do anything Nie Feng consciousness was wiped disappear in an instant, while the kind of Xiongxie forces have been assimilated away, has become a strange power, but in fact the fire itself implies the power of unicorn blood is not very strong, after all, just MBT Sandalen a few drops of blood of ordinary Phoenix, rather than gathering Phoenix power of blood, if the drops at the moment is in the hands of Nie Feng essence and blood, then, for fear Nie Feng died in an instant the body would burst.It is this power, oppressive Nie Feng's body in crazy scurry forward, because of the loss of the sense of spiritual and brutal control of the body, so the strength to want to get rid of the control of Feng Nie out, at which point Nie Feng, is to once again regained control these forces, so that forces again subdued for himself to make, and with the constant control Nie Feng, perseverance and a strong support, that oppressive forces began gradually controlled by Nie Feng and Nie Feng body that tearing general burning, also started to decrease gradually.While Nie Feng fully control the oppressive forces that, God is inflammation Cave broke out again a strong shock, then, Nie Feng body under the ground began to rapid crack up, then, rock collapse, is in full swing control force, did not move Nie Feng, they accompanied the collapse of the rock, falling away toward the bottom of the abyss.
Chapter 417 (Mid-Autumn Festival, a small explosion about, MBT Schuhe today three chapters, I wish you a Happy Mid-Autumn children's shoes ha!)Hear Yan Huang's words, Nie Fen
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