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標題: Hollister Deutschland94lXI was -- for thinking you were an unfairly maligned sai [打印本頁]

作者: 0b8f1s622qm    時間: 2013-5-30 19:29     標題: Hollister Deutschland94lXI was -- for thinking you were an unfairly maligned sai

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This transcript is automatically generated,Hollister Deutschland
You probably heard Lance has now come clean now I'd like him do apologize to me.

That's right just me and not for don't.

-- -- Frontline.

For conniving.

For pooling and taking idiots like me for fools so Lance allow me to get -- -- on my access.

Don't even bother with this -- -- you frankly make me -- -- throw.

Because I was one of these idiots who believed to you.

Who took your fervent denials you have there ever use drugs to heart I was -- sap.

I was -- for thinking you were an unfairly maligned saint.

No I didn't gun that is you on my own lands you'll help me you -- so damned good it's.

Despite all the evidence that was piling up I admired the way you just dug it would still -- you had to be right,Hollister Pas Cher.

And all your critics will -- They didn't appreciate your unique skills and a bite,

And they were just spinning their wheels desperately trying to take all those sort of fronts as you want on that -- How could they title -- when you made it so clear now I know,Hollister Online Shop.

Because they were right and you were the ones spinning,Hollister Online Shop.

Wheels and stories and lives.

And defrauding a nation of in the souls like me who trusted you and who liked you a fellow cancer survivor who admired you,

And now you want to make things right to make -- career right.

Wrong Lance.

Your red dots are lying deceiving phony disingenuous,Ray Ban.

-- -- brought,Hollister.

You -- your -- famed climbing mountains how about peddling this may have -- but.

To someone who cares how despicable.

Quite so -- to my kids this guy -- denied denied denied denied,

-- Eric,Hollister.

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