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Tonight the shockwaves from Wednesday's -- Ghazi whistle -- hearing are still revoke reverberated reverberating.

Through the Obama administration -- -- the testimony of three brave career State Department officials now finally begin and learn the truth.

About what happened that tragic day the four Americans were brutally murdered in Libya now.

In addition it's becoming more more obvious that following the attack the president and his -- deliberately ignored the facts.

And instead chose to write their own narrative about that deadly night.

And after reviewing what was said on Capitol Hill yesterday.

It's clear that then secretary of state Hillary Clinton played a very key role and what I believe was an administration wide national security cover up.

I remember according to the whistle blowers she is to blame,

For not only that sending ambassador Stephenson the unsafe city of -- -- but also.

For the port security conditions at the consulate watch -- us.


Norstrom who has the authority to place personnel on a facility that does not meet the minimum OS -- standards.

It's my understanding.


Since we were the sole occupants of both of those facilities Benghazi and Tripoli.

The only person who could grant waivers are exceptions to those was the secretary of state mr.


Bars investor Steve is headed to -- -- there are a lot of concerns about him.

There -- a lot of security issues that mr.

Nordstrom is listed in numerous reports,Hollister Online Shop.

Leading up to his trip there,Hollister Magasin.

Why was ambassador -- there,Ray Ban.

According to Chris Secretary Clinton wanted.

-- Ghazi converted into a permanent constituent post.

They just heard about two of the very costly missteps made by Secretary Clinton before -- -- but.

-- following the assault are also very troubling name they were call that she repeatedly blamed -- YouTube trailer for the attack.

And even authorized to release of the taxpayer funded PSA apologizing for the video.

And I was in Pakistan now sadly.

All of this is merely the tip of a very large iceberg when it comes to Hillary Clinton's culpability.

In other words -- Ghazi is heard new white -- it is these scandal that threatens her political future.

What happens when the clintons backs are against the wall when they come out swinging and they throw wherever they have to throw under the bus so that they survive that includes Barack Obama.

And -- -- -- sixteen fast approaching and Ben Ghazi quickly becoming her biggest liability.

How the president may just want to keep his guard up just a thought it was more on that reaction to yesterday's explosive testimony former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani hysteria -- -- -- -- Sean good to see you all right -- -- let me start with what's missing here and then we'll get into the politics of -- all.

We don't know who denied the requested security before.

We don't know who gave to stand down orders while the attack was going on.

We don't know who altered the talking points traffickers that -- are correct right into what was a big lie.

So this to me is this opened up a can of worms yesterday morning else.

Well I mean that basically what you're saying is we don't know what happened before during or after I think it's Ol a completely shrouded in a lot of misstatements a lot of confusion.

A lot of obfuscation on a missed so -- a lot of back and forth but the reality is it's that you can completely and I said this I think on your show,Gucci Borse.

33 days after four days after you were got to -- I think it smelled to me like a cover up from -- from day one.

-- in a minute to minute us Susan Rice did that it was spontaneous when we're talking about rocket launches and and hand and held -- hand grenades and mean gosh reminded this was it,Occhiali Da Sole.

This wasn't even to the -- -- an outside observer spontaneous now it's obvious color isn't that on the inside that's unrealistic do you mean you don't think get a spontaneous rally that they just happened have a rocket propelled -- their -- sounded weird to me you backed candidates have like their coverage summed up now we know that we're covering it up.

But they knew from day one minute one it was a terrorist attack,

I do not understand now they didn't supply more security for -- place that are already been bombed.

I would like to know when when that when that mission was bombed and a whole withdrawal right through the wall.

-- she notified with the president notified and if they were notified we still -- if they were a warrant.

What do they do about it and if they weren't notified what -- we -- -- for and what the heck are they doing if they don't find out that a critic and a critical country.

One of our missions as a whole drill right through -- this was three months before the attack.

So we don't have the answer to that hey here's the thing that bothers me about the so called rescue effort.

The protest stations they didn't have enough time to get -- there,Hollister Shop.

You tell me how how they knew how long -- hostage situation was gonna take it didn't I -- how would you know I've dealt with hostage situations.

You asked me to put assets there how to -- over it's going to be one hour five hours ten hours or five days the last.

Big hostage situation we had -- for 400 days.

But let me ask you this because some have said that the best it's that I haven't five separate committees -- not a special investigative committee.

That John Boehner conforming to this where they have subpoena power witnesses under oath.

Interrogatory by the presidency I think I think if this -- a Republican president you now would have.

Republican support along with the Democrats to do as a select committee.

And the problem with this is it Democrats are the ones who've made this partisan.

These are answers we need not for political reasons these -- -- we need in order to prevent some of what is happening again in the future,

If we can't find out why this happened.

I think one of the things Secretary Clinton said when she testified was you know what happened a while ago why we so concerned about.

One of the reasons we're so concerned about it is to prevent this happening in the future you're a prosecutor,Occhiali Da Sole Ray Ban.

Is there any doubt what the motivation is why they all took his talking points when it was clear was that with voters probably election absolutely they.

That the the whole scenario was Barack Obama defeated al-Qaeda.

That's that's that's how he played the the killing a bit of bin Laden he had destroyed al-Qaeda al-Qaeda was on the run.

He made the right decisions he would argue in the Egypt and Libya all of a sudden this proves it -- -- that was wrong maybe it was wrong big time.

And they weren't going to allow that scenario to come out before the election.

Think it's crystal clear that's what was going on you have to be a fool not to figure that.

You know the RNC -- -- -- -- -- created but never -- during the 2012 campaign let's let's run this.

-- That your children synchronicity.

But there's a phone in the White House and this really.

-- something's happening in the world.


All all all.

All all all.

And I know some people will say on the left that I -- we just had the hearings do under.

That's not true all we know now is security was denied that was requested rights too we don't know who gave the stand down orders.

We don't know why they altered the talking points from the truth -- -- -- and we know that the president wasn't even curious he went to bed and got -- win campaign in the world don't know what the president did and that's that's also clouded in mystery.

And -- few questions actually both it this year again in the prior -- about.

About the president he's the commander in chief now if if if -- -- -- -- position or somebody else was in that position you'd be on top of this and you wouldn't go to sleep -- me ask you this -- this divide potentially in the -- a little finger -- let me go back the relationship with Clinton's.

And -- Perkins and Barack Obama was not perfect but it just remind you two instances and ask if this could.

Potentially explode.

Because we had Hillary shouting of your -- shame on you Barack Obama -- -- Bill Clinton was very angry when they said that.

They had played the race card out.

So shame on you.

Barack Obama it is time he ran a campaign consistent with York messages public.

That's what I expect that you meet me in Ohio let's have a debate about -- Yeah.

I think that they played the race card on the and we now know.

From memos from the camp -- and everything that they plan to do at all.

I've never felt that they were really ever friendly.

I think they coexisted.

I think that this was the team of rivals that Obama's senate.

To kind of prevent -- a challenge in 2012 well I -- -- a conflict here right now there were numerous requests for more security for that for that mission.

-- In fact some of the security was was reduced.

Now did she make that decision.

If she did she's gonna have to live within that -- -- -- -- liability or did she make recommendations to the president for more security the president turned it down.

You know now I don't know what the answer to that is but there residents -- -- and the answer is -- did that determine who's more culpable for this.

So ultimately I think this sets up a conflict between the two of them I.

Think you're right that's -- plated mr.

mayor thanks very accurate we need answers to this because you know what the families deserve answers somebody made the ultimate decision here we have a right to know which capsules are or who like to put everywhere America was like -- I wanna know who made that decision -- -- I'm good to see -- thank you -- -- --

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