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                       ,                                                                                                                             Q: What��s your Special Report favorite moment?                     
Behind the scenes and during commercial breaks when the panel jokes with Bret and when they are able to let loose and cut up a little,Hollister.
                                                                                                        Q: If you weren��t a political analyst,, what else would you like to do?                     
When I was a little boy,Hollister, I wanted to be the short stop for the NY Mets.
                                                                                                        Q: What do you think is the most memorable political moment in history?                     
The Atomic Bomb in Japan��we are still dealing with the aftermath and the world still deals with the threat of nuclear weapons.
                                                                                                        Q: What's your favorite location in Washington, DC?                     
The Tidal Basin along the Potomac River near the FDR Memorial because it is not a well known memorial and is very private. He also loves to walk along the basin and watch the boats and walk around the memorial through the waterfalls and read the quotes,Occhiali Ray Ban.
                                                                                                        Q: What's your favorite location outside of Washington,Karen Millen Sale, DC?                     
Top 3 (in no particular order) would have to be New Orleans,Hollister, San Francisco and Montego Bay.
                                                                                                        Q: If you could interview any living person tomorrow, who would it be and why?                     
I have interviewed every President in his lifetime as well as everyone from Nelson Mandela to Tony Blair��so I would like to interview someone who has had an interesting life journey and one man on that list would be Tiger Woods,Hollister Online Shop.
                                          Top 3 Favorite BooksFavorite Quote
��Among American citizens,Hollister Sale, there should be no forgotten men and no forgotten races. �� - FDR
If you were stuck on a desert island,, name three items you would bring with you?
A great book, a tool for hunting and matches to build a fire for warmth and cooking

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